Energy Efficiency

Buildings consume the majority of energy in the United States. Reducing energy usage reduces the air pollution in the region. Fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, supply 85 percent of the nation’s energy. However, these fuels release pollutants including sulfur, nitrogen, mercury and carbon dioxide, which play a major role in global climate change.
The expanded Pasadena Convention Center has taken steps to reduce its energy usage.

  • The project has been designed to perform 32 percent better than California’s energy efficiency standards.
  • A major retrofit, including a new energy-efficient central plant, ensures the Convention Center operates without adding to Pasadena’s electrical grid, even though it has added significant square footage.
  • The expanded Convention Center features high-efficiency equipment and lighting, including LED technology.
  • An automated building control system, which includes motion sensors, monitors and manages equipment and lighting.


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